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Annie's Yoga

Welcome to Annie’s Yoga. I am a yoga teacher both online and in and around East Sussex. Here you will find details about me, sign up to my online membership platform, how to work with me and where to contact me.

“Best yoga teacher ever! Annie’s classes are always really varied, everything is well explained and I always come away from them feeling amazing! As someone who started with no knowledge or experience of yoga at all, I was a little worried I wouldn’t be able to do anything but she instantly made me feel welcomed and I’ve been a class regular ever since that point a little over 3 years ago. I am a changed person both physically and mentally since starting Annie’s classes and I am beyond grateful for that” – Katie

So, why do yoga?

The real question is ‘Why not yoga!?’ Movement is medicine and Yoga is for every body. Yoga will improve your strength, mobility, balance, posture and your mental wellbeing.  It promotes a positive self perception whilst sharpening your brain.  It will help you better manage stress and can heal niggling aches and pains.

“Annie’s lovely yoga classes leave me feeling so much stronger, physically and mentally. Her knowledge of functional movement means that I learn something new every week which I take with me into my other workouts and daily life. I cannot rate highly enough!” – Zoey

What to expect from a yoga lesson with me?

Every class focuses on strength, mobility and adaptability. I teach the LYT Yoga® Method; grounded in principles of physical therapy, functional movement and neurodevelopmental training to coach you through smarter, safer, more conscious movement patterns to help you find your freedom in both body and mind.

We put the fun into functional yoga.

Every class is different focusing on different anatomical elements or perhaps a peak post and sometimes more of a niche theme such as my “Functional Fonda’ class – an ode to the babe that is Jane Fonda.

I place a lot of value in being able to share and teach you about your body in the time we spend together. Knowledge is power and if I can provide you with that during your lessons then it is a job well done on my part.

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“Annie has absolutely changed my life. I attend both group classes and 1-2-1s with Annie and these are the best parts of my week. I no longer have any back pain, I am stronger, more energised, calmer and much happier. Annie has endless ideas for every practice and makes sure you get exactly what you want to get out of every practice and more. She shares her extensive knowledge of the human body so you get the most out of every pose and flow, never letting you compromise on form, and making it work for your body. Annie’s teaching and warm energy goes far beyond the mat and I am so glad I have found the best yoga teacher.” – Verity

Corporate Classes

It’s not a cliché, it’s a proven fact that a healthy team is far more motivated and productive. Healthy and fit employees are far less likely to get sick, they have more energy and tend to have better attitudes.  They are also far more likely to set and achieve goals!

Get in contact to book a bespoke one off yoga workshop or a yoga course. Zoom options are also available.

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Private Yoga Classes

Would you prefer to have a yoga lesson in the privacy of your own home or on zoom from anywhere in the world? Maybe you are brand new to the practise, in need of rehabbing an injury or you simply prefer 1 on 1 teaching. And traditionally, yoga was only taught in this way under the watchful eye of a guru. Interesting fact for you right there.

I predominantly teach 1-1’s hence having a relatively small group class offering so you are in very experienced hands. I absolutely adore 1-1’s, the relationship it builds and the ability to focus fully on YOU and your needs!

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