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I’m currently sat in my local Starbucks sipping an oat milk latte and sampling their new vegan BBQ jackfruit wrap (it’s very yummy FYI!) day dreaming about my Italian adventure I’m jetting off to tomorrow. My cases are still sat at home unpacked and my clothes are sprawled around my room but sitting here, drinking coffee, writing a blog seems like the more appropriate thing to be tending to. . .

Nothing new has happened here, I’ve been teaching loads and have started singing lessons (I may have already mentioned this!) and I am LOVING them. Just to take that hour once a week to be taught something that I am so passionate about and makes me feel so alive. My yoga teacher has been prompting me to organise some sort of a performance but the thought absolutely terrifies me. I think when I get back from my holiday, I am going to approach a pianist and perhaps a venue for a little performance – internal scream!

I am so looking forward to this extended break, I’m away for near on 2 weeks and it feels very overdue. Usually at this point in the year I will have attended an extended teacher training or been on some inspiring workshops however there haven’t been any this year that have drawn me to attending. This in turn has left me feeling slightly uninspired and like I need a break. The perils of not using that wonderful brain of ours’.

This isn’t a yoga free holiday however! About 4 days in after I’ve been gallivanting round Rome, I am heading up into the mountains of Perugia to attend a yoga retreat hosted by the beautiful Hannah Presence: https://www.instagram.com/hannahpresence/?hl=en

I am incredibly looking forward to how this is going to rejuvenate me and allow me to come back and teach better than ever and with a belly full of pizza, pasta, gelato, etcetera, etcetera!

All of my classes are covered fear not so if you do want to attend my classes still, please do! I have some great yogi colleagues covering for me and seeing as I love them, I hope you will too.

Talking of workshops, my inversion workshop went amazingly well if I do say so myself. I felt like I was able to convey all the information I wanted to clearly and concisely with as much correct anatomical knowledge as possible. Obviously, I could have gone on and on for days but we did only have 3 hours. I also felt like I was able to instil confidence and break through some fear barriers which can hold so many of us back when it comes to our inversion practise. I will more than likely host another inversion workshop at the end of the year as I felt like it was very valuable however if you want something sooner in the mean time do not hesitate to contact me for some private 1-1’s and you will be surprised at how quickly we can progress in this environment.

The yoga brunches are also soon to return now the weather has turned gloriously warm and beautiful and is just the perfect time of year to embrace yoga and a delicious vegan brunch. Make sure to keep an eye out on my website and social media for when this launches; I’m thinking a weekend in June!

As I’ve already done quite a bit of travelling this year; San Fran and Amsterdam, I made sure to vlog them both! My 2 part SF vlog is now live and up on my youtube and Amsterdam vlog will be live next Sunday so make sure to subscribe so you can follow me around and perhaps get to know me a little better. Be prepared, I am crude and very sarcastic! I am also going to vlog Italy and I am hoping to find a nice spot on the retreat to film a little Yoga tutorial for you all! I know I know, I’ve been putting this off for ages but it’s super nerve wracking guiding a yoga flow on camera!!


I have been working on a little project recently with my Osteopath AKA Chantal, which I am not going to speak too much about just yet as she’s not quite ready to go live with it. But just know that it is video based and Chantel is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to the body so basically we are the dream team. . .

You may or may not know that my journey towards yoga bloomed from an eating disorder. This is something that I am definitely going to talk about more, perhaps in a vlog. Anyway, yoga saved my life and for the most part helped me on the road to healing myself and my relationship with food and my body. Last year I discovered the Goddess Revolution and attended a life changing goddess retreat in Phuket, Thailand with the beautiful Mel Wells. The past month or so, I’ve begun having funny thoughts towards my body again so purchased Body Postive Power by Meghan Jane Crabbe as I know myself well enough to know that it’s best to immerse myself in body positivity and who better than the infamous BodyPosiPanda. Now, this book, is AMAZING! Go out and get it immediately. I am blown away and back in love with the beautiful soft curves of my gorgeous tummy! It is extremely factual, divulges into facts and historical research of women, their bodies and female representation and the cause and effects on diet culture. I can’t speak highly enough of this book.


Anyway, I’ve outdone myself and need to go and get my car washed before I go off to teach my last 1-1 before my holiday!


Big Love! Annie xoxo

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