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Lockdown Zoom Classes

Hello, wonderful Yogi’s! Due to COVID-19, all classes are being conducted live via zoom!

The timetable is up and I am raring to go – Britney Spears headset included. 😉

It’s pretty self-explanatory but I just wanted to go over some bits and bobs. 

Firstly, the classes are held via zoom. This is free for you guys, you just open a url link on any device. You also do not need to have your camera on although it’s great if you can. I will also mute the microphones when the class starts so don’t worry about being heard grunting or swearing

The different types of classes: 


A fast upbeat 30-minute high-intensity interval training yoga style! So fun – expect to get sweaty!!!

Slow flow –

If you practise with me regularly you know that what I do is definitely not slow or chill but this will be our chance to do just that! It does not mean easy however we’ll just be taking things at a slightly slower pace. 

Tuesday and Thursday class –

Functional vinyasa style flows. They will be the same class which is how I teach in the week ‘normally’ as it’s really useful for those neural pathways in helping you to familiarise yourself allowing you to go deeper into the practice. 

Friday morning class –

This will be a lengthened version of the weekly class but provides a lot of add ons. I rarely get to teach 90-minute classes but I LOVE it and they cover ALL bases! 

What do you need?

Ideally a yoga mat and 2 blocks. If you don’t have a mat you’ll be fine you may just need a blanket to go under your knees if you’re on a hard floor. If you don’t have blocks, a chunky book or 2 will suffice OR a toilet roll haha.


To book please email me with the date and time and I will send you the zoom link.

There may be additional classes throughout the week so keep an eye on my social media for when they pop up:

Facebook @anniecheadlesyoga
IG @Annie’s Yoga 

For those of you who are still investing in your weekly 1-1’s/2-1’s you have complimentary access to all of the classes on the timetable. 

Classes need to be paid for beforehand and then you need to email me to confirm and I can send you the URL for the class(es). If you had a class pass with me for in person classes then, of course, you can use your pass for online classes.

If your income has been compromised please email me especially if you are a regular supportive student of mine.

If you want to book a private session with me they are fantastic and are personalised to you. You also get 100% of my attention which sadly can’t happen in the group classes. Perhaps you are a beginner or have a specific that you want to work on or you want to learn how to work around an injury. I am experienced and confident in being able to support you and taking your yoga practice to the next level.

I hope I can offer you some respite, fun and optimism during this time whilst we support our mind, body and spirit!

Love you all so much ❤

Wonderful Feedback from Zoom Classes:

“Wow Annie- I have practiced with you now for 18 months. My body has changed so much as a result of your dedication to providing strengthening, empowering, energetic and oh so functional flows. I understand my movement patterns so much better, I appreciate what my body is capable of and can’t wait to continue to strive to develop its skills.

I am as a result of your influence able to laugh at my “failures” and manage my long standing back issues. (But not “yet” able to do a handstand)

Perhaps more amazingly at this difficult time of Covid 19 you have embraced video technology allowing us to continue on the journey with you. Your teaching has transferred perfectly to the medium of video conferencing (Aided by your “Britney” mike)

You make me smile and laugh, you make me grateful for what I can do and you make me strong!”


“What can I say. Thank god for Annie’s Yoga! Signing into her live classes makes you feel feel part of a community in this very strange and distant time and if you think you will get away with slacking or poor posture… think again! She’s watching you like a hawk down that zoom lens 👀. At least by the end of lock down we are going to be one seriously supple nation. Thank you for your daily laughs and uplifting, positive attitude. I’m so grateful I get to call you my friend as well as my yoga teacher extraordinaire  ❤️ 😇 xx”


Thank god for Annie’s Yoga and the world of zoom being able to sign into her live classes makes you feel feel a great sense of togetherness in this very strange and distant time, being able to practice numerous times a week ensuring I don’t go completely stir crazy 🤪! Annie’s standard of teaching has not slipped in the cyber world neither has the variety energy and flow particularly in our one to one where my mothers confidence has grown never did we think she would be transitioning so smoothly from plank to downward dog…not forgetting the laughs the relaxed super friendly environment Annie continues to provide in every practice its the silver lining in my week during this crazy crazy time!Thank you! Hannah & Mandy