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Completing my Eat, Pray, Love Adventure!

Finally, I made it to Italy!!!! Having ticked off both India (where I did my YTT) and Bali (where I ran away to with a broken heart), I have finally completed my Eat, Pray, Love triangle with an unfortgettable 2 week trip to Italy.


The whole premise and motivation behind the trip was due to me signing up to the wonderful Hannah’s retreat in Perugia back in October. And if you know me, any excuse there is to prolong a trip and explore a country then I am going to do it. . . .

This lead me to arriving in Rome solo where I stayed for 4 days and 3 nights and basically spent it with a gelato in one hand and an aperol spritz in the other gasping at the Collosseum in one direction and the Vatican in the other. It is truly breath taking and nothing that I can write can do it justice however I do have a couple of recommendations for you. First off and most importantly is this restaurant:

 At a glance it is just a hole in the wall but come 7pm people are queuing up round the corner to immerse their pallet in this godsend. I actually went here two nights in a row, which is unheard of for me but it was really that good! I didn’t book on the first night but as I had made my way (pushed in true Italian style) to the front of the line and as I was solo I got seated but I made sure to book for the second night. They do pistachio tiramisu!!! And if that isn’t persuasion enough then I don’t know what is!


Secondly, this walking tour is second to none. Some walking tours can be wildly dull and facts this, facts that but our guide was superb. Guided us down the backstreets and to the best gelato in town. Told us the historical facts that you actually want to know and really shared his passion for the city. This is a free walking tour so definitely have some euros to hand to tip at the end. I embarrassingly had no cash on me which I am still mortified about so hopefully can pay my dues by sending some of you guys to them!


After my love affair with Rome, I hopped on a 3 hour train to Umbria, Perugia. I just want to say that I travelled around most of Italy on the train and it was straight forward, fast, cheap and comfortable! And from there to the quintessential town of Perugia and to our beautiful home for the long weekend – think rolling hills, stone houses and wonderful yogi’s. I highly recommend one of Hannah’s retreats and just taking the time for yourself to go on a yoga retreat to be self absorbed and immerse yourself in your practise.


It really gave me a chance to fall back in love with yoga and assess where I wanted to take things in my personal practise and business. I am so inspired to embark on setting up a retreat next year, this has been on the cards for a while but this was just the push I needed. I am also on the hunt for a Reiki master as feel a strong pull to becoming a practitioner.


It was also wonderful to connect with like minded people and have wonderful woo woo chats about our chakras and lucid dreams ahah!

After the weekend of down time, Hannah and I travelled on to Florence together which is another wonderful city in Italy. Definitely not as exhilarating as Rome for me personally and I feel it lacks a little personality in comparison but boy the food is still great here!!! The shopping would be insane if that is what you were travelling there for; we did find ourselves in the leather markets and I may have bought myself a very beautiful but non vegetarian pink studded bag. . .


By this point though I was getting a little case of ants in my pants as I was off to Pisa next and my yoga boyfriend was flying out to meet me for the last few days of my trip!


Now, if you have been to Pisa you will most likely have turned your nose up a little as yes Pisa is nowhere near as fabulous as Rome or Florence. If anything, it’s pretty run down and there really isn’t much to see bar the Leaning Tower of Pisa, which we explored on the last day with a might hangover and fell asleep on the grass right next to it in the sunshine! More on that below . . !


A place that I can really recommend right by Pisa is Luca and it’s only a 20 minute efficient train ride away. Luca is divine and such a great find – a medieval wall surrounds the town and is the home of Puccini so is pulsating with musical talent and many a performance every single night. You can actually cycle around the wall but once Tom and I discovered a quaint little bar that did the best espresso martini’s, we were hooked! We’d bought tickets to see the opera in a church that evening so we mulled around through the streets until I was bought to tears in a pew by the most breath-taking performance!


Post opera we found such a tiny boujee restaurant that was right up our street and served the most delicious prosecco I have probably ever tasted! Which led on to us feeling a little worse for wear the morning after on our adventure on to the leaning tower haha!


All in all I ate all the delicious foods, drank all the delicious foods and filled my wanderlust cup up right to the top! I will definitely be visiting Italy again, perhaps next time it will be Venice as I am desperate to go!


In the meantime, if you find yourself free this Saturday, I am hosting my first yoga brunch of the year at a beautiful new venue! 20 minutes meditation, 90 vinyasa flow and a scrumptious vegan feast to round it off and get your weekend off to a super start!

Yoga Brunch Link! 

Much love, namste!


Annie xoxo

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