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Annie's Yoga

Yoga Classes

I teach a number of group classes throughout the week so check out my timetable to check out where I am and book your spot. In my classes you can expect to be pushed to your edge whilst discovering, accepting and celebrating your body. We work through a variety of standing and seated postures with lots of balance work, twisting and strength building thrown in. changing up the theme every week in regards to areas of the body we might be opening up such as hips, back or shoulders. There is lots of focus on breath work and bringing your awareness and thoughts solely to the mat and the practise. Overall, expect to have fun and don’t forget we always end with a delicious Shavasana to promote calmness of the mind.

Corporate Yoga Classes

It’s not a cliché, it’s a proven fact. A healthy team is far more motivated and productive. Healthy and fit employees are far less likely to get sick, they have more energy and tend to have better attitudes.  They are also far more likely to set and achieve goals!

Get in contact to book for either a one off yoga workshop or a yoga course.

Private Yoga Classes

Would you prefer to have a yoga lesson in the privacy of your own home? Maybe you can’t make any of my group classes or you’re new to the practise and are too nervous to begin in a large class. And traditionally, yoga was only taught in this way under the watchful eye of a guru. Interesting fact for you right there.

I am extremely experienced in both 1-2-1 and 2-2-1 private sessions. It is a wonderful way to have a fully tailored yoga experience and is a great way to experience progression with plenty of hands on adjustments and full break downs of the postures.

Duration Charge
60 minutes £40
90 minutes £55

There may be an additional charge if travel time is over 10 miles.

Please contact me to book